Philosophy for Parents Podcast: Episode 1

I’m pleased to announce the first podcast for Philosophy for Parents!

Episode 1: Reflections of a Failed Tiger Mother

In this podcast,  I discuss my popular post Reflections of a Failed Tiger Mother:  What is a Good Parent? with Saren Eyre, co-founder and co-director of Power of Moms.  We talk about the Aristotelian notion that a thing is ‘good’ when it fulfills it’s purpose, and how that might apply to a discussion about what it means to be a ‘good’ parent.  We reflect on what the purpose of a parent might be, and how defining that purpose has impacted our parenting practices.


One comment on “Philosophy for Parents Podcast: Episode 1

  1. i listened to your podcast and thought you did a great job! it’s a very interesting to bring up the ancient greek thinkers on the parenting problem, while i feel like in their time they would be a bit more should we say traditional versus a more modern (or even christian) view that we want children who prioritize internal morality over some external result. I think its innately fascinating to take some of these arguments and stretch them out, Aristotle and Plato seemed to think that goodness begets goodness and even the rigid hierarchy of their world view (so the family unit, so the polis) would probably come into some conflict there that we are still reconciling (even the anarchist won’t claim a parents authority is corrupting).

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